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Series X
Series X

Xbox Series X Leaked Photos Reveal Its Ports

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Real pictures of the Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has been leaked, these images shows all the ports to be available at least on the prototype version of the console. The images of the Xbox Series X prototype were leaked online by the Neogaf user Curry Panda.

A few weeks ago, images of the Series X ports were leaked, showing which connectivity would be available for the console, this information is now confirmed by today images of the real hardware.

On the front of the console is minimalist, a disc drive is visible, an USB port, and two buttons, one for power and the other to eject the disc. All the interesting information can be seen at the back.

The back of the Series X will have mostly all its ports and its ventilation according to Brad Sams, the large port in the middle would be used for diagnostics, that port should be removed for the final version of the console. The other ports might change too, but it’s unlikely. It can be spotted two USB A ports, power, a single HDMI port, ethernet and optical audio port.

There is also a hole that can be spotted in the back side of the console, probably it’s there for easy access to the hardware inside the Series X, being a console, it’s highly unlikely that a removable panel would be featured.

Thurrott’s Brad Sams a well known reporter confirms that the leak are in fact images of an actual Xbox Series X prototype. He also suggest that we’re not seeing a controlled leak from Microsoft.

As Sams explains, Microsoft is really serious about the people who has allowed to handle the prototype, a bar code is used to track every prototype sent, and is present in every prototype ever made. The leaked images shows the barcode, so it’s still unclear if this is a case ingenuity or it’s just there to add salt into injury.

A lot more information will continue to release through console’s release on holidays 2020, Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more updates on the Microsoft Series X.

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