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Xbox app
Xbox app

Xbox Launches A New Xbox App on Mobile Devices

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Xbox Experiences Manager, Kristen Mann announced today the launch of the beta version of the new Xbox app for iOS and Android.  The new app has been rewritten “from the ground up” it allows users to stay connected via voice and text chat, from a PC or consoles.

Mann also announced that Xbox is unlocking Xbox Remote Play, for all gamers in the new app, this means you don’t have to be an Xbox Insider to play games installed to an Xbox console on a phone. The free Xbox app is now available in selected regions.

If you love playing games, the new Xbox app (beta) is more useful than ever. We’re replacing the Console Streaming (Preview) with Xbox remote play in the new Xbox app (Beta).  We’ve removed the requirement of being an Xbox Insider so starting today all Xbox gamers can play games downloaded to their consoles straight to their phones or tablets.  With Xbox remote play, you can connect to your console and have access to Xbox One games already downloaded to your console including Xbox Game Pass titles.

The new app is designed to fulfill Xbox’s goal of a unified Xbox experience across devices, the vision is to “put the gamer at the center”, this means to allow the user to stay connected to games, friends, and communities at ease. The sharing feature has been also been redesigned to make it easier to share game clips and screenshots from a console to the gaming and social networks preferred.

Xbox is also allowing players to sign in on as many Xbox consolers or Xbox apps as desired, all at the same time. This means that users “can use an Xbox console for watching movies, using apps, chatting with friends, and more”.

Source: Xbox

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