Games coming to game pass in september

Xbox Game Pass Reveals September Additions

Xbox Game Pass is almost an essential membership for die hard Xbox fans. Every month, Microsoft adds more games to the service. Xbox has just announced what games will be coming the service this month. Here are the upcoming releases for Xbox Game Pass according to Xbox Hub.

  • September 19th – Jump Force
  • September 19th – Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • September 26th – Bad North
  • September 26th – DiRT Rally 2.0
  • September 26th – LEGO Worlds

It seems like a good line up of games with some new experience for fans of different genres.

Jump Force was released in February of this year. It represent a couple of years of anticipation since its announcement. The game pits tons of characters from popular anime in the Shonen genre. From Naruto to Bleach to Dragonball, this game has a roster of characters that fans all over the world.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night released in June of this year. Fans of the metroidvania sub-genre will really find something to love here. Featuring a unique art style and familiar game play from Koji Igarashi, one of the creators of the Castlevania series. A lot of people have been looking forward to this game since it was funded on Kickstarter 4 years ago.

Bad North is described as a minimalists Real time strategy game. It features a more subdued graphical style and simple gameplay. You are in control of a small island of survivors defending their space from invading vikings. Bad North has had some very positive buzz and promises to be something different for RTS fans.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is the continuation of the long running Dirt series. This seventh entry continues what was established 2015’s Dirt Rally. It focuses on the rallycross scene, and features over 50 different vehicles to go globetrotting around the world in. It is from developer CodeMasters, who are no strangers of racing games, as they work on the Dirt series as well.

Lego Worlds will speak to any fan of builder games like Minecraft. Building a world brick by brick has always been fun for fans of the colorful little blocks. In Lego Worlds, you do exactly that in your own virtual world. You spend time unlocking different things to build with throughout the game, that you then use to build bigger even cooler things. Creative types will have a good time with this one.

Xbox Game Pass continues to deliver good quality games for a great price. Check out any of these games this very soon.

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Source: XboxHub

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