Jesse Faden from Control and Crypto from Apex Legends

Apex Legends Reveals Crypto, World of Warcraft DDoS Attacker Arrested, and More – Primal Newscast #23

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Epic Games Really Pays for Control Exclusivity

Epic Games has caused quite a bit of controversy in recent months. A lot of this controversy comes from Epic Games agressively pursuing exclusive for their Epic Games Store. Regardless of whether you think Epic Games Store Exclusivity is a good or bad thing, one thing seems to be certain. They are not afraid to lay down a lot of money in the name of an exclusive.

According to Digital Bros, parent company of 505 Games, it seems like Epic Games paid 9.49 Million Euros for exclusivity of Remedy’s Control. That is an insane amount of money and is equivalent to about 200,000 copies sold on Epic Games Store. Hopefully, this will be a good gamble for Epic, but it does send a message to other developers: Epic Games will pay you a lot of money to be on their platform.

World of Warcraft DDoS Attacker Arrested

Earlier this month, World of Warcraft was assaulted by a DDoS attack that severely impaired the functionality of their servers. Players were stricken with lag spikes, dropouts, and the inability to reconnect to the servers. A hacker group, called UkDrillas, claimed responsibility for the massive hack that also effected Overwatch.

Blizzard quickly got to work with authorities to track down the ones responsible. After a few days, they reported that a suspect had been located and arrested. The identity of the suspect has not been revealed, and it is still unknown what their motivation was.

A DDoS attack is considered an act of cyber-terrorism and will probably be pursued as such in court. It still remains to be seen if there will be any persisting effects of the attack.

Gears 5 Has Biggest First Party Launch on Xbox One

Over this past weekend, which was the launch of Gears 5, it has been reported that the game saw a huge number of players. According to Microsoft, Gears 5 had 3 million players playing the game over the weekend. Those are huge numbers that nearly double the amount of the last release in the franchise, Gears of War 4.

This is a great victory for Microsoft, as they have still been struggling with a lack of First Party support for their console. Hopefully, they can keep this moment and run with it as near closer to launch of the next console generation.

Apex Legends Reveal Their New Legend

Respawn Entertainment came out with a new animated trailer this week, detailing their new legend. In the trailer entitled, “Forever Family”, Crypto makes his appearance and his motivations become clear.

Crypto has been teased for sometime now, with some early off painting him as a new villain type like Caustic. This trailer disproves that and paints the new character in a sympathetic light.

The trailer was excellent and definitely will have fans interested in trying Crypto out in game. He will be available on October 1, with the launch of Season 3 of Apex Legends.

New Content coming to Red Dead Online

You Red Dead Online fans should be excited to learn that new content is coming to the Rockstar game. Legendary Bounties are coming and they look to add a new dynamic to this online experience.

With a weekly release schedule, Red Dead will be revealing new targets to hunt down each week. These promise to be extremely tough, intense encounters that will leave even the best players counting their blessings.

Also coming is a new shootout mode that features no lock on mechanic for those that are looking to take their PvP experience to the next level.

Playstation VR Mega Pack Coming to Europe.

Sony is continuing its push of the Playstation VR. It was recently announced that the Playstation VR Mega Pack is to release in Europe this Autumn. This will present a great package for playstation 4 fans, who have still not picked one of these up.

The Playstation VR Mega Pack is set to come with vouchers for five different games: Astro Bot, Everybody’s Golf VR, Playstation VR Worlds, Resident Evil 7 VR, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim VR. It will also come with a VR headset and playstation camera.

No price point has been revealed yet, but with the content revealed, I would expect a similar price point to their previous releases.

French Court Makes Decision on Digital Ownership

A court case against Steam came to an unlikely conclusion this week. French consumer advocacy group, Que Choisir, won a court case contesting the legality of parts of Steams Subscriber Agreement. This ended in a huge upset for Valve as the French court determined that Steam users should be able to resell the games that they buy through the service, just as they would the physical alternative.

The court also mentioned how users should also be reimbursed for funds remaining in their Steam Wallet, if they leave the platform.

The penalty for not changing this policy would be 3,000 Euros per day for up to 6 months. Of course, Steam disagrees and has filed an appeal, so no changes yet to their policy.

This court case could potentially set a precedent, if picked up and pursued in other regions and countries. The far reaching implications of this on the future of the industry can not be missed either. A future where digital products can be resold, just like their physical counterpart is a potential bright spot for those that can not afford to buy at retail or who simply want to collect.

We will just have to wait and see if anything will come of all this.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s Primal Newscast episode. Be sure to tune in next week for the most intriguing and exciting news stories of the week.

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