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Upcoming Summer 2020 Gaming Events Schedule

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Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, most in-person gaming events have been cancelled for 2020, such as PAX East and E3. However, gamers can look forward to a range of digital events for the summer to come, which will include direct announcements from the developers’ themselves.

June 4:

IGN Summer of Gaming Kick-Off

June 4 will mark the official beginning of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event. This event will take place over 3 weeks and will reveal gameplay premiers from highly anticipated games. IGN will be raising money for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund through this event.

June 5:

IGN Expo Day 1: TBD

The first day of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event will include reveals and announcements from Funcom/The Outsiders, Merge Games, and more.

June 6:

Guerrilla Collective Day 1: 1pm ET

Guerilla Collective Day is a online digital festival promising reveals from companies like Sega, Rebellion, Raw Fury, and Humble Bundle.

The PC Gaming Show: 3pm ET

A digital adaptation of E3 presented by PC Gamer, expect to receive updates on PC gaming as a whole.

The Future Games Show: 5:30pm ET

An hour-long event presented by GamesRadar and Future; will feature exclusive trailers and announcements for 2020 and beyond.

June 7

Guerrilla Collective Day 2: 1pm ET

The second day of the online digital festival, promising more news and reveals from developers.

June 8

Guerrilla Collective Day 3: 1pm ET

The final day of the online digital festival. 

IGN Expo Day 2: TBD

The second day of announcements and news from developers for IGN’s Summer of Gaming event. IGN promises news and trailers for Chivalry 2, Wasteland 3, Pathfinder: Kingmakerand more. IGN will also kick off its IGN Icons interview series with original Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter.

UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition: TBD

A showcase for all new VR news and titles coming for 2020 and beyond. The showcase will feature over 20 new VR games.

June 9

IGN Expo Day 3: TBD

The third day of IGN’s Summer of Gaming event will feature new gameplay from Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Skater XL, Total War: Troy, and more.

June 11

EA Play Live : 7pm ET

A digital event hosted by EA, fans should expect news and trailers for upcoming EA games.

IGN Summer of Gaming Streams – TBD

IGN will be hosting new gameplay and interviews for Humankind, Remnant: From the Ashesand more.

June 15

IGN Summer of Gaming Streams – TBD

IGN will be hosting new another batch of exclusive trailers, reveals, and gameplays for games including Mafia: Definitive Edition, Battle for Bikini Bottom, Destroy All Humans, and more.

More information regarding upcoming events will be revealed at Gaming Instincts this month.

Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for more gaming news.

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