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Upcoming Game Leaks : Silent Hill, Far Cry 6, and More

A danish publication called GameReactor has released an article leaking upcoming games, including Far Cry 6, Fable 4, and Silent Hill. None of these games have been confirmed officially yet, so it is important that these rumors be taken with a grain of salt. That being said, here are the games that have been confirmed by this article:

Batman by Warner Bros Montreal: The article states that Warner Bros is pushing hints on twitter for another Batman title, leading up to a full E3 reveal. Moreover, the game is rumored to be officially announced this summer as the release is “sooner than you think”.

Demon Souls Remake: This remake is rumored to be made by BluePoint, the company has also remade games like Shadow of The Colossus and God of WarThe game is allegedly coming to PS5, and will be shown off at the PS5 State of Play.

Fable 4Not much is known about this game yet, however the article states that it is being developed by Playground Games and hopefully be revealed in July.

Far Cry 6The game is rumored to be shown off at Ubisoft’s “Forward” event on July 12th. The article notes that “fans who hated the North American setting of the previous game, will find this game a lot more interesting.”

Harry Potter RPG: This game was leaked in 2018 and will supposedly be revealed at E3 2020 (Summer Games Fest)

Horizon 2The sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn is rumored to be revealed at the PS5 event.

Mass Effect Trilogy RemasteredThe trilogy is stated to have a reveal this week on Friday, and will see a autumn release date. EA has also mentioned that they are working on several other remasters for the upcoming months as they have no other big titles incoming.

Resident Evil 8The game reportedly started as a spin-off but evolved into a part of the main storyline. The article confirms the village setting of the game and will be released in early 2021.

Silent Hill: GameReactor states that a Silent Hill game is going to be released around the same time as Resident Evil 8 under Konami.

Source: GameReactor, Translation

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