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Unkilled: Latest Update Called Warfare Brings New Challenges

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Unkilled: Latest Update Called Warfare Brings New Challenges

Developer Madfinger Games is proud to launch the latest update for the zombie apocalypse shooter Unkilled. Called Warfares, is a brand new set of ongoing challenges updated every week for players to test their mettle against.

There are Warfares for every kind of player, PVE players have their own challenges for completing story missions in certain ways, while the PVP players will get rewarded for winning battles against other players. You can even become the King of New York by scoring the top score in the game, with rewards coming on a weekly basis.

New players can now choose one of five unique characters at the beginning of the campaign and play through the story with the style that fits them best. Each character has their own speciality weapon, but can wield all different weapon types.

Check the Unkilled Warfare update trailer:

“On top of the New York Warfares and character selection changes for story mode, UNKILLED has received several performance updates and tweaks to make it run smoother on both iOS and Android devices. In addition, the entire script for the story and its many details has been rewritten and reworked to improve the overall flow of the narrative.

Tons of new customization options are being added as well. Sometimes the zombie war can be a little too serious. Why not turn that frown upside down with a few new design changes to your undead? Spice up your zombie hunt with afro hair styles, bearded hipster zombies, and many more accessories to make the undead a little more trendy.

Heroes are getting new skins as well, and you can get unique bonuses for equipping them too. That means of course, last but not least, Sam will be receiving a brand new skin that’s sure to get everyone back into the School Spirit.”

For more information about Unkilled check the official website.

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