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Did Ubisoft sneak a new game announcement inside Watch Dogs 2?

Did Ubisoft sneak a new game announcement inside Watch Dogs 2?

There is one mission within Watch Dogs 2 asks players to steal a videogame trailer from a fictitious version of Ubisoft in-game.

When poaching it from the developer’s servers, players also get a glimpse at the new title, and it looks unexpectedly delightful.

The footage has a super-cool western meets space vibe that reminds us a whole lot of Cowboy Bebop, and that can only be a good thing. It’s proven so enticing that there is now speculation over whether Ubisoft has covertly announced a new game through this Watch Dogs 2 snippet.

Check out the Videos:

Assassins Creed Video

Ubistolen Sidequest:

“Kotaku stories that View Dogs two has a mission in which the participant demands to make off with a trailer for an unannounced game from none other than Ubisoft.

The company’s San Francisco organization workplace basically appears in the game, which suggests that Ubisoft are completely commited to at the really least a tiny element of actuality.

The game in dilemma seems to be to be some form of spot/sci-fi knowledge that (in the planet of View Dogs two) they system to announce at E3.

Could Ubisoft seriously be about to enter the digital spot race by themselves, or is this certainly practically nothing additional than a fascinating Easter egg set in to get individuals conversing about the game?”

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