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ubisoft montreal new director far cry 6
ubisoft montreal new director far cry 6

Ubisoft Montreal Gets New Director

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Christophe Derennes has reportedly took over as the director of Ubisoft Montreal from Yannis Mallat, who was removed due to a number of allegations against him. Among the executives to be removed are Serge Hascoet, Cecile Cornet, as well as Ubisoft’s VP Maxime Béland, who chose to resign after being on administrative leave.

According to Business Insider, Derennes will now take over Mallat’s position and will also oversee all of Ubisoft’s studios in Canada. He previously served as Ubisoft Montreal’s executive vice president of production, so he has experience directing. Although Ubisoft has yet to announce this change, they reportedly sent an email to staff this week stating the changes that were made.

According to the report, Derennes’ first priority is to implement measures against harassment and other allegations made by and against employees, which will include training and a different hiring process.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has employed a third-party investigation unit to look into the previous allegations made against its employees.

“In response to recent allegations, we launched a series of investigations that are being led by independent third parties. I know that many of you are eager to hear the results of these investigations. However, we must take the time necessary to ensure that they are carried out with the required rigor. When they are concluded, all appropriate actions will be taken. Should additional allegations or claims be brought to our attention, we will fully investigate those, as well.”

Additionally, the company has announced that over the summer they will be launching a series of streams and showcases to report on Ubisoft’s latest and upcoming games. Already showcased games include Watch Dogs Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Far Cry 6It is not known yet whether Ubisoft will address the controversies surrounding their company during these showcases, though it is unlikely.

Source: VG247

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