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Top 10 Things To Expect for Halo Infinite at E3 2019

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With E3 2019 just around the corner and the Xbox Media Briefing just a few weeks away, fans of all games are excited to see what’s coming. Halo fans are no different and with confirmation from 343 Industries that Halo Infinite will be there, fans are speculating just what will be shown. E3 2018 was a surprise to all Halo fans with the reveal of the Halo Infinite Slipspace Engine Demo. This year, fans are hoping for even more. Here’s the top 10 things to expect for Halo Infinite at E3 2019.

#10 Games As A Service Details

One of the biggest speculations among the community is that Halo Infinite will adapt the Games As A Service model. This is the idea that the game is continuously updated and supported for a life span longer than that of a regular game. This has been hinted at by Kiki Wolfkill, the Head Of Transmedia at 343 Industries. During her interview with Fortune she said the following;

What it means to design for an audience now and what it means to design for an audience 10 years from now is really about having a set of rules that people can engage with and buy into for years to come.

We have to be able to change content quickly. We can’t afford to wait three years every time we drop a new product and have it be a black box because the games kids are playing are changing every week.

These statements lean towards the speculation being true and further emphasis that Halo Infinite will be a long lasting game with a lot of content. More evidence can be found on the Slipspace Engine website, which states that the engine is “A living, breathing world ripe for exploration and endless gameplay possibilities.”

Slipspace Engine

#9 Brief Story Details

Whilst information on the Halo Infinite story is still highly speculative, some information can be confirmed from last years engine demo, such as the location for Halo Infinite. It is highly unlikely that 343 Industries will give an in-depth discussion about the story of Halo Infinite, but it is a possibility that they will briefly touch upon some points. Playable characters and the games setting are thought to be some of the points that will be mentioned.

Halo Infinite

#8 Cross Platform Support

Halo Infinite was announced to be launching on both Xbox One and PC, however it was not confirmed to be part of the play anywhere scheme. Unlike other games such as Gears Of War, Halo Infinite does not have the play anywhere logo on the official Xbox page. This has led many to believe that it will not have full crossplay support. It is highly likely that 343 Industries will comment on this issue and clear up the misunderstandings at E3.

Halo Infinite

#7 Multiplayer Information

During the Halo Infinite gameplay demonstration some slight story details were shown, however multiplayer information is still completely unknown. With half of the fanbase hoping that Halo Infinite will return to Halo 3 style gameplay and the other half  hoping it will continue from the Halo 5 style, it is unknown what path Halo Infinite will follow. It is highly likely that 343 Industries will either mention or show the direction the multiplayer gameplay and overall gameplay during or following the Xbox Media Briefing.

Halo Outpost Discovery

#6 Release Date

After taking an additional year in development so far, it is assumed that Halo Infinite will take another year extra for development. Most fans assume the release of Halo Infinite will be late 2020, along with the rumoured release of the new Xbox consoles. It is expected that confirmation on a Holiday 2020 release for Halo Infinite will be given at E3 2019.

Halo Infinite

#5 PC Information

So far very little information is known about the PC version of Halo Infinite. Various features exclusive to the PC version are expected to be mentioned at this years E3. Such features include FOV sliders, crossplay, progression, achievements and more. It has also previously been rumoured that the PC version of Halo Infinite is being developed alongside the Console version. This would mean the PC version of Halo Infinite is not a Console port, but its own version. This has not yet been confirmed.

Halo Infinite PC Info

#4 Halo Outpost Discovery

With Halo Outpost Discovery beginning in July and touring around the US until September, it is highly likely that 343 Industries will talk more about the event at E3. Fans speculate that Halo Outpost Discovery will in some way link to Halo Infinite, be it with Halo lore, or offhand engine demos at the events. It is also expected that Halo Outpost Discovery will be confirmed for brand new locations and a 2020 tour, since the 2019 tour is only the beginning.

Halo Outpost Discovery

#3 Insider Program News

Shortly after the Halo Infinite reveal at E3 2018, 343 Industries confirmed that players will be able to engage in play-tests of Halo Infinite during the development. Chris Lee, the studio head of 343 Industries, wrote a blog post detailing the information about a Halo Infinite Insider Program. It reads as follows;

We will have some new and unexpected directions to take folks in and I believe the way we achieve that is to build alongside our community, iterating and improving as we go.

In the future, you will be able to join early flighting programs that will let members of the community play the game with us, and give direct feedback, much like the current Insider flighting program for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It will take some time for us to be ready to kick those flighting events off, but when we do they will start small and grow along the way.

I would love to hear from you as we build Halo Infinite.

It is highly likely that more details regarding the Halo Infinite Insider Program will be revealed during E3 2019. The Halo Infinite Insider Program is expected to release during Q4 of 2019 to allow for maximum feedback and bug testing.

Halo Insider

#2 Campaign Trailer

In addition to the previously mentioned story details, it is highly likely that a Campaign trailer will be shown at E3 2019. Technically Halo Infinite has not yet received an official trailer, as last years video was simply an engine demonstration video. Whilst it does class as an announcement trailer, it is expected that a true trailer will be released at E3 2019. In true Halo tradition, it is likely that a campaign teaser trailer will be shown which will further outline various plot points, such as the cast and location of the game. A full gameplay trailer is likely to be shown during E3 2020, but is highly unlikely for E3 2019.

Halo Infinite Concept

#1 Slipspace Engine Breakdown

With the reveal of the brand new Slipspace Engine at E3 2018, fans were able to glimpse at the environments and life expected to exist in Halo Infinite. E3 2019 will no doubt double down on the Slipspace Engine reveals and show some of what the engine is truly capable of. It is uncertain if this will be done via a live gameplay demo at the Xbox Media Briefing, or during a pre-recorded demo elsewhere. However 343 Industries and Xbox will be more than eager to show off the capabilities of this new engine, whilst also potentially increasing the excitement for the next generation of Xbox consoles.

Halo Infinite Concept

Whilst these 10 features are not confirmed for E3 2019, most fans certainly expect to see them. Do you think we’ll see all 10 of these features at E3? If not, what do you hope to see? You can let us know on the Gaming Instincts Twitter and keep up to date on Halo at Gaming Instincts.

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