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The Primal Podcast – Episode #23: The Future of Halo and Xbox

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This week, the Primal Podcast crew return with a special guest in the form of Halo extraordinaire and gaming aficionado Brandon. Together with Leo, Jordan and Jake, he’ll be tackling the rumours about Halo’s newest title; Halo Infinite.

Jordan has been covering everything you need to know about the game so far, and as our resident expert on Halo, he’ll be putting his ideas and theories to the jury. Leo is a long-time Xbox gamer, and expert on all things console, and Jake is…. also there. As the Halo virgin of the group, he opens the question of the Master Chief Collection coming to PC, and we talk about the value of that proposition to the community as a whole.

The crew moves on to discuss the finer points of exactly where Halo Infinite could be taking the series, before exploring the options a sequel could bring in eSports and even wider beyond.

This brings us to the topic of Xbox, and its movement towards expanding the Xbox live platform beyond consoles. This change could bring their services to every platform available, including PC and even mobile devices. With a growing interest in the outcome of subscription services, the Primal Crew discuss exactly what we expect the outcome of Xbox’s bold move to be.

With that talk, and the crew moving on to discuss the current trend in live-service games, we finish with a touch on what we’ve been playing this week, including a large amount of the Division 2 for our feature review this week, and a severe lack of Anthem.

We finish off by making sure everyone has their questions answered, but if you have any questions make sure to send them over to our Twitter Account or in the comments section.

That’s all for the podcast this week, but we’ll be returning next week with a brand new topic, so keep posed and Subscribe for more of the Primal Podcast.

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