The Pathologic 2
The Pathologic 2

The Pathologic 2 Story Trailer Shows the Haunted World of the Game

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It’s never been easy to make tough decisions, even in video games. Choosing from the characters you know and love to rescue, has always been one of those famous tricks to add an unforgettable drama to the stories, which you cannot experience in any medium other than video games. However, this is a part of what gamers want, to experience realistic situations that challenge them and The Pathologic 2 is here to give you what you want.

The sequel to one of the dark-themed story-driven titles will be out in May 23rd and to give you a glimpse on story of the game, Tiny Build has released a new trailer to show you the horrifying world of the game and its black-worn Orderlies that seems to be a kind of cruel control on the society which is attacked by a deadly plague.

You will play in role of three different characters to save as much people as you can from dying of this dangerous disease. Making tough choices to achieve the best result possible, is a big part of gameplay that would make to think about what you’ve done from beginning to the end. Here you can check out the new trailer for The Pathologic 2:

PC players are only gamers that have the chance to play The Pathologic 2 on May 23 via Steam, with no console version has announced yet.

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