The Outer Worlds
The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Now Out, Switch Release to Come

The Outer Worlds is now available across the Xbox One family of devices, PlayStation 4, PlayStation4 Pro, and Windows PC, with a release slated for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Winner of the Best Original Game category at E3 2019, The Outer Worlds is developed and brought to gamers by by co-game directors Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, original creators of Fallout, who reunited for the creation of this new single-player RPG, as well as the team from Obsidian Entertainment.

In The Outer Worlds, players awake from a hibernation state, cast adrift in space for seventy years on lost colonist ship the Hope. At the edge of the galaxy, corporations control all aspects of life, hiding a dark secret that could destroy the Halcyon colony. Gamers will explore multiple distinct locations in a vibrant world, encountering various factions while meeting a host of multi-faceted characters who may offer assistance in missions. However, players must make their choices with care, as all actions determine how the story unfolds, affecting not only the game’s narrative, but character progression, companion stories, and different endgame scenarios.

“When we set out to create a new RPG universe for players to explore, meaningful player choice was at the core of everything we wanted to build,” said Tim Cain, co-game director at Obsidian. “The Outer Worlds is our love letter to fans who want to role play as any character they’d like, whether it’s a hero, a villain, or even Leonard Boyarsky.”

In addition to fluidity in conversation, there are multiple ways to handle combat in The Outer Worlds. Whether they choose to augment stealth skills to slip past watchful guards, enhance engineering skills to take control of security systems, or just take a direct approach with hand-on combat, a playstyle to fit each and every gamer can be found in The Outer Worlds.

“Player choice in The Outer Worlds extends beyond the decisions players will make narratively, it applies to how players approach the gameplay as well,” said Leonard Boyarsky, co-game director at Obsidian. “It was important for us to create an experience where players can not only enjoy shooting their way through the game with a bunch of crazy science weapons, but also have an equally enjoyable experience if they opt to avoid combat by focusing on dialogue or stealth. No matter what your play style, even if it’s ridiculous as how Tim Cain plays, there’s a great way to experience The Outer Worlds.”

Interested readers can check out The Outer Worlds official launch trailer below.



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