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The Final Fantasy Remake Is Bigger Than We Thought, Literally

For many fans, April 10 cannot come soon enough. For those who don’t know, April 10 is the release of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake. The game has been in the making for some time and Yoshinori Kitase—the producer of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake—and Naoki Hamaguchi—the game’s co-director—gave an interview regarding the upcoming release. The big takeaway is that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is literally bigger than ever before.

Kitase and Hamaguchi state that the remake, which is just the first part of the original game, has essentially been made into a standalone game. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake only covers Midgar, which is not an insignificant portion of the original game, roughly five or six hours. Most Final Fantasy games have lasted upwards of 30 hours, which is a big difference in terms of content for this first portion of the remake. It’s already established that there will be multiple portions of this title, but for the first installment going from a section that was originally five hours of gameplay to at least 30 is significant—30 being the minimum amount of gameplay time any standalone Final Fantasy game has offered.

The interview also covered some extra content that will be included in this upcoming game. Kitase and Hamaguchi didn’t give too much away, but what they’ve hinted at drums up excitement for future content and installments of this remake. “I don’t want to say precisely what’s in FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, but if you’re expecting endgame content, you won’t be disappointed,” stated Hamaguchi. It was also revealed that there would be a new upper floor in the Shinra Building and that even though players don’t get to be Red XIII, they will need his abilities to navigate it.

Kitase concludes, “Our goal was to capture everything that made the original game so special, but bring it up to date with the latest technology so that new players could be just as excited as players of the original game were when that released.”

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