The Best Weapon Skins in CS:G

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person multiplayer shooter game launched by Valve in
2012. The game is immensely loved by its players not only due to its action-packed storyline that
guarantees an adrenaline rush but also for the in-game features and aesthetics that add to the gaming
experience. Weapon Skin is surely one such attribute that enhances the elegance of the game. Gamers
tend to collect weapon skins to flaunt their style statement as well as to earn some money by selling
them in the Steam Marketplace.

Skins can be obtained from weekly drops when prime players level up by gaining 5000XP. Apart
from that, trading in the marketplace is always an option. The price of a skin depends on its rarity and
wear value, but aesthetics plays a part as well. This article tries to catalogue the best weapon skins
available in the game right now, keeping in mind the above-mentioned determinants.

The Most Expensive Skins in the Market

The Blue Gem: Karambit Case Hardened – $100,000

An extremely rare knife with a curved blade that mimics the claw of a tiger, the weapon was
introduced in CS: GO 8 in 2013. The idea was inspired by Southeast Asian indigenous martial art
Silat. The drop chance of the Karambit Case-Hardened is just 0.26%.

The “Blue Gem” is an extremely rare version of this knife, pattern template 387 with a wear rating of
0.048. It appears completely blue on one side. The highest price the knife has been purchased for is
$100,000. An offer valuing $1.4 million was placed on the marketplace but was turned down by its
present owner.

Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore – $70,000

This particular skin of Magnum Sniper Rifle or AWP, famous for its one shot, one kill policy, was
released back in 2014. The AWP Dragon Lore is an extremely rare sniper rifle skin with a drop
chance of 0.64%. Featuring a fire-breathing dragon in a beige-coloured background, the Factory New
version of the gun without stickers values around $70,000. The price is expected to rise when it is
decorated with appropriate stickers.

AK-47 Case Hardened: Scar Pattern – $30,000

AK-47 is one of the most popular assault rifles in the game. However, the case-hardened version is an
extremely rare type with a drop value of 3.2%. It normally costs around $180.
However, the pattern 661 of this skin, popularly called the scar pattern, is one of the most valuable
skins available on the market. With a bright blue upper part and a golden scar at the rear end, the
particular skin values around $30,000, if not more.

The Best Themed Skins of CS:GO

Themed skins of CS:GO may not be the most expensive ones in the market, but they are still largely
in demand due to a gamer’s love for particular aesthetics. Some of the eye-catching themed skins are
listed below:

Player Two: M4A1-S

The Player Two skin of M4A1-S features bright colours and an animated version of GIGA CT and
Pop Dog. The skin has to be the first choice for anime lovers around the world. It was released in
2020 as a part of the ‘Prisma 2 Collection’. It is also an extremely rare skin with a drop chance of
0.64% and values around $70.

Nightwish: AK-47

Nightwish is dropped as a part of the ‘Dreams and Nightmare Collection’ in January, 2022. A brightly
painted skin for AK-47 featuring neon colours, the dreamcatchers add a psychedelic touch to the skin.
The drop chance of the skin is also 0.64%. It is available in the market for a price of around $100.

Containment Beach: AWP

Containment Beach of AWP is one of the 121 sniper rifle skins available on the market. It was
released as a part of the “Shattered Web Collection’ back in 2019. The skin features an imaginative
yet cynical theme of mutated rats trying to escape a radioactive neon-green forest. It is an extremely
rare skin with a current market value of $187.

The Bottomline: Don’t Forget to Make Good Use of Your Skin

There are copious amounts of well-crafted skins available in the market. A player’s inclination over a
particular skin is quite subjective in nature. However, there are skins that are extremely expensive in
the market, irrespective of their elegance. Now that you’re aware of it, make sure you make good use
of a skin if your fortune decides to act in your favour and gifts you with an exquisite one.

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