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The Ascent
The Ascent

The Ascent Is Now Delayed Xbox Confirms

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Xbox has confirmed that The Ascent is now delayed to 2021. The action RPG was originally scheduled to be a launch title for Xbox Series X|S.

The announcement was made with a new walkthrough video on the official Xbox YouTube channel which unveiled gameplay footage. According to the development team, The Ascent will target 60 fps and full 4K on the Xbox Series X and Xbox One X.

We want to give you The Ascent at the best possible quality so on Xbox Series X consoles you’ll see increased fidelity, Ultra HD support, and improved loading times which will make each thrilling moment in this corporation-run universe feel ever so real.

Check the video down below:

Xbox also confirmed that The Ascent will be available with Xbox Game Pass at launch in 2021, the game is developed by Neon Giant and published by Curve Digital.

The Ascent will take players in a cyberpunk planet on the role of an indentured worker, the world starts to go haywire when The Ascent Group shuts down for unknown reasons. Life becomes a case of survival, with rival corporations and crime syndicates looking to fill the space. It’s up to the player to take up arms and uncover what’s happening before it’s too late.

The Ascent is developed by a small team of developers, but the game is very ambitious, featuring destructible environments, solo and co-op gameplay, bionic enhancements, customizable weapons, and a story that promises “that rivals the best of sci-fi novels.”

The Ascent is coming to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles in 2021 and will be available with Xbox Game Pass from launch.

About Neon Giant:

Neon Giant is a small team of experienced games industry veterans with a heritage in some of the world’s biggest action game franchises. With our combined know-how, passion, and ambition, we’ve set out to create a new type of studio. Our intention is to draw upon our AAA experience and focus on working efficiently, empowering each individual in order to maximize our creativity and push the boundaries of making really fun videogames.

Source: Xbox

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