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Tekken 8 Might Learn From Pros to Teach New Players – Rumor

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Fighting games such as Tekken are fun to pick up and play but if you want to evolve beyond button mashing or single button spamming they take a lot of practice. Watching Players during the EVO tournaments might make pulling off tight juggles and long combos look easy but it truly is that comes with hundreds of hours of practice at least, with most having thousands.

In truth, the hardest part of making a fighting game is convincing new players that they should join a community that has players that have followed in since day one. A new patent from Namco Bandai that seems to be for an upcoming Tekken 8 looks like it will help new players, or returning players hoping to increase their skill level, learn from move sets used by pros.

Disclaimer – This information has not been verified, therefore this is not factual.

According to this new Patent, the game will allow players to enter combos and attacks as they train but will then offer help in the context of Frame Data information to help the player maximize the effectiveness of their combo. For players unfamiliar with the professional fighting game scene, frame data is considered one of the most important aspects. It also happens to be one of the hardest elements for players looking to get better to begin mastering.

When players punch or kick, for instance, this animation takes up several frames. A good player that understands how to take advantage of said frames can easily turn the tables with a well-timed counterattack. This system will help the players putting in the work to improve get even more out of their time and begin building the muscle memory needed to pull these attacks out in a live match.

This proposed system will literally denote either the player should slow down, or speed up their attack in the context of their combo, which allows the attack to catch the player’s opponent in a more opportune moment. In the same patent filing, it has been suggested that this same system can also learn from high-level players, before turning around and teaching newcomers the same timing.

Tekken 7 had a solid tutorial mode, as well as a training mode that allowed the player to go over combos. This system will not replace the need to understand combos and how you can link combos together. There is a robust YouTube community that can help players with that. However, this time around players might not need the long trial and error of online matches to be able to improve these skills.

Reddit – Source

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