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Tekken 7 – Season Pass 4 Revealed

After some leaks, Bandai Namco officially confirmed the return of Kunimitsu in Tekken 7 Season Pass 4.

Kunimitsu’s last appearance in Tekken was in Tekken 2 for the original PlayStation, her return is certainly an homage to classic Tekken titles.

Check the Kunimitsu in action within the Vermilion Gates stage down below:

DLC 16 will add Kunimitsu to the fight! Her last official appearance in a TEKKEN game was in TEKKEN 2. Her return will surely excite fans looking to wield her Manji Ninjutsu skills in battle!

With DLC 17, players will get the opportunity to experience Vermilion Gates, a brand-new stage to release their most stylish combos!

Bandai Namco also announced ” a number of free updates” will be available for Tekken 7  this fall. They will include new moves for all characters, online play enhancements, a new score, and a rank system renewal.

The developer is also working on improving the online multiplayer, one of the ways this will be acomplished is by providing players a way to know if its opponent is using Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection.

Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada affirmed that over the last three years, the community has requeste the Wi-Fi indicator. Harada has contacted Super Smash Bros. creaor Masahiro Sakurai who was interested to work with Bandai Namco to design improved online features for both games.

Bandai Namco was also thrilled to announce that Tekken 7 has just passed six million copies sold worldwide, the franchise has now surpassed 50 Million sold units worldwide. Tekken 7 debuted in 2017 and sold 3 million copies in just over a year. Last we heard, the game surpassed 4 million sold in July 2019, meaning another million copies were moved in the last half of the year alone.

Source: DotEsports

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