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Jin and Heyhachi from Tekken 7
Jin and Heyhachi from Tekken 7

Tekken 7 Season 3 Trailer Reveals Zafina and Leroy Smith

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The seventh edition for one of the longest-running fighting games is about to receive its third huge content pack soon. During EVO 2019, Tekken 7 got a new trailer revealing its season 3 along with two upcoming playable characters.

Tekken 7 originally launched in 2017 as the one and only entry of Tekken series in 8th generation of consoles. Since its launch, Bandai Namco has supported the game with rich content packs in seasonal order of release. Now, the time has come for the third season and it will be bringing two new fighters: Zafina and Leroy Smith. While the latter is a brand new character in the series, the former has made an appearance in Tekken 6 for the first time. Aside from the playable characters, the new pack will also add new moves to all of the fighters in Tekken 7.

Zafina will be available in the game by the launch of season 3 in September, while Leroy Smith along with a new feature and another playable character will be added in Winter 2020. Also, Tekken 7 will receive a new stage and another character next year in Spring.

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