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Team 17
Team 17

Team 17 to Announce Two New Games at E3 2019; Hell Let Loose New Trailer Arrived

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E3 2019 is home for those AAA anticipated titles that will be premiered with new jaw-dropping trailers to take your hype bar higher than before, but on the other side, it’s also home for indie games and more innovative titles that will be bringing their own kind of gameplay style to the event especially if you have an eye out for PC Gaming Show and Devolver Digital conferences.

Team 17, the studio behind games like Worms and The Escapists, has confirmed to be present at E3 2019 with two new unannounced titles. The studio didn’t reveal any information on these new games but instead it unveiled a new trailer for Hell Let Loose, announcing that the game will come to Early Access on Steam next week.

Hell Let Loose is a first-person shooter multiplayer game set in World War 2 era in which 100 players will fight against each other in huge maps of the game including heavily armed vehicles, tanks and artillery bases. Dividing into two teams each one filled with 50 players, you will have to take and hold captures that are distributed on the map. Team 17 has designed the maps according to real documents from WW2 and accurate data from satellites on locations of the areas. Here you can check out the trailer for Hell Let Loose:

While Team 17 hasn’t revealed where we are going to see the company’s new announcements, it seems PC Gaming Show will be the best host possible for the team to unveil their new projects.

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