SWTOR: Onslaught

SWTOR: Onslaught Enjoys Smooth Launch (Mostly)

SWTOR: Onslaught, the latest expansion for Bioware’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, launched this Tuesday with few major issues and only one instance of downtime.

Every MMORPG fan knows that expansion releases tend to bring with them a plethora of bugs and hours of downtime as emergency maintenance takes the game’s servers offline. While no expansion launch can compare to the disaster that was Blizzard’s World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor, it’s common for game-breaking bugs or latency spikes to lower player enjoyment of new content.

Onslaught, however, launched with relatively few bugs, most of which are quite minor in the grand scope of the expansion. A few issues with gear tooltips, companion crafting missions, deconstruction of crafted items, and UI displays round out the most noticeable of the minor bugs affecting players. In addition, the new Nautolan species is unable to use the ‘show dark side corruption’ appearance option. There are only two major bugs affecting gameplay in Onslaught’s current state: Telekinetic Jedi Sages are unable to acquire class-specific gear, and the group finder is placing eight-man teams into Operations meant for sixteen players. In addition, the final story quest on the asteroid of Mek-Sha can glitch out and prevent players from clicking the last objective. To get around this glitch, one must drop to the character select screen and then log back in on the affected character.

A singular glitch required downtime on launch day, wherein some players were losing all of their accumulated tech fragments, the new currency used to purchase gear and upgrades. An initial downtime of one hour was estimated by game developers, which then extended to two—an incredibly small period of downtime for any MMO expansion launch.

SWTOR: Onslaught released on Tuesday, October 22, and brought with it a new storyline, two new worlds to explore, new flashpoints, and a new operation on the savage moon of Dxun. Most anticipated by players, Onslaught also allows gamers to create characters of the Nautolan race and changed the visual appearance of the game’s user interface.

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