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Superhot mind control delete
Superhot mind control delete

Superhot : Mind Control Delete Announced

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Today, Superhot : Mind Control Delete was announced for later this month on July 16. Those who have purchased Superhot prior to that date will receive a free copy of the new game. Those who have received the game from twitch prime drops or through other means will not be eligible. The game itself will be priced at $25.
Mind Control Delete is described as “more refined” and “much bigger” compared to the original. It will be a 12-15-hour game with additional mechanics and less linear levels.

The standalone game is being released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, though developers plans to port it to additional platforms in the future. Not included among those additional platforms (for now) is VR.

“It’s important to remember that VR is not only a different platform – it’s an entirely different way of interacting with games and it comes with its own design and hardware challenges,” said Superhot Team. “Superhot VR was created from scratch as an entirely separate game to emulate the Superhot experience in VR, and it was a BIG undertaking. We aren’t starting any BIG undertakings right now. Should this change, we’ll let you guys know.”

Development of Mind Control Delete began in 2016 as a small DLC for the original game, but it soon evolved into a standalone game on its own.

Superhot was released on February of 2016, and received extremely positive reviews from critics and fans. It would go on to be nominated for multiple awards, such as the Nuovo award and Trending Game of the Year award. The Superhot team started as an entry into a game jam competition, but was further refined and developed into a full game.

Source: IGN

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