Super Smash Bros – Character Speculation and Our Top 5 Picks!

Super Smash Bros – Character Speculation and Our Top 5 Picks!

With the announcement of the Super Smash Bros (port/new game?) coming to Switch, the greater body of the gaming community has ignited with fresh hopes and expectations. Many classic gamers’ grew up on Brawl, and while there have been games since the popular Super Smash Bros Bawl, it never quite picked up as much steam as it did back in the day. This new version coming to Switch appears to have attracted a lot more attention than past generations, and looks to be one of Nintendo’s biggest releases of 2018. This comes as no surprise, seeing that the two past major titles for Switch (Breath of the Wild and Odyssey) have attracted both extreme praise and attention.

One of the major swing points of Smash games over those of similar styles, is the character pool. Nintendo is famous for thier characters, whether it’s Mario and his friends, Pokemon, or the Fire Emblem characters, there is someone for every style of gamer. Smash is famous for bringing all these notable characters into one game, with an excellent and fun couch (and competitive) style of play. Saying as much, we really only got two (maybe four) characters officially announced in the trailer. The first two that appeared were the inkling characters, both male and female. Being new additions to the Smash roster, they are expected to receive a lot of attention throughout the game’s build-up, leading to launch. In addition to these two, there were shadowy figures resembling Mario and Link (BotW style) that appeared soon after.

However, things got interesting when fans from Reddit and Twitter got a hold of the trailer and started to decipher every inch of the imagery appearing within the announce trailer. Users all across the various platforms zoomed in on the trailer and found the outlines of some characters in the bright and burning Smash logo. As shown in the image below, some users attempted to outline the various figures visible in the shadows to further predict those who may be appearing within the game at launch. With familiar faces such as Donkey Kong, Bowser, Samus, Starfox, Pikachu, Kirby, and many others, the roster promises to be expansive and diverse. However, other than the addition of the Inklings, it doesn’t seem to add anything new.


Our Hopes for Additions to the Super Smash Bros Roster

While there are many potential additions to the Switch version of the game, there are certain Nintendo characters I really hope to see appear within the game. This is of course excluding a majority of the characters from the good ol’ Brawl and the Wii U version of Smash, a majority of which I am already assuming will be appearing.

5. The first character I really hope to see taking a spot in the character pool is Spring Man from the Switch title Arms. This character would add not only a new style of play to the game, but connect good old classic Smash characters with some new names within the franchise. Plus, who doesn’t want to punch Bowser off the side of the map with a spring-loaded arm?

Man_With_Spring_Loaded_Articles_ Flexing_For_Gaming_Instincts

4. Already an extremely popular pick, Shovel Knight would be a cool third-party character to add to the group. This character has become somewhat of a sensation within the gaming community, and if appearing within the game would surely be a favorite. In conjunction with his special shovel, his unique art style could play into his combat.


3.  Being a huge fan of Breathe of the Wild, I would love to see any of the Hyrule champions enter the mix. Of course, my particular interest lies in Princess Mipha. We’ve never had a character like her before, and while running around as Daruk would be super fun, nothing beats Mipha’s elegance and spear.


2. With the Announcement of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, everyone’s mind is on the little toad running around the Mario world. With abilities that rely on his little explorer’s kit, which is displayed so lovingly on his back, he would be a wonderful partner for Mario and co. within the Smash Game


1. Finally, my number one pick for a new addition to the Super Smash Bros game coming to Switch has to be Crash Bandicoot. As many know, the game is going to be ported to switch, which may mean Nintendo would be willing to open the doors for more third party characters within their game. While I don’t think it’s likely, he would be a great fit to the team of Smash heroes.

Crash_Bandicoot_ Running_Through_Enviroment_For_Gaming_Instincts

Thanks for reading! Who are your picks for the new game? Any particular favorites from Brawl or the Wii U version that you desperately want to return? If you had to pick one character (old  or new) to be guaranteed entry into the game, who would it be? Let me know what you think!

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