Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Is Available for Free on Steam for 2 Weeks

Fighting fans may wait for April 23rd to play the anticipated Mortal Kombat 11, but Capcom has a really different idea, as it’s announced that Street Fighter V will be available for free on Steam as of tomorrow for two weeks. If you have played it previously, you may prefer to try Mortal Kombat 11 but for those who haven’t experienced the popular Japanese style fighting game, it would be a hard choice to jump into Nether Realm’s brutal world first, or try out Street Fighter V, as long as it’s available for free.

According to Capcom, the free version is actually the most complete version of Street Fighter V that will allow you to access Arcade Edition and experience Arcade mode, Extra Battle mode and Team Battle mode with 20 characters that includes 16 original fighters of the game along with four other characters that are coming from the DLC. For fighting fans this a real great chance to get through Street Fighter V and fight against the game’s top players all around the world.

Street Fighter V is one of the major and most popular fighting games in eSports that still has so much of fans and players that are trying to reach the 1st place in great competitions like Evo.

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