Starcraft III – Tim Morton Tells Players to Ask For It

Fans of the Starcraft franchise were likely left disappointed in the wake of BlizzCon due to the lack of any real Starcraft content or updates throughout the convention weekend—but there yet remains a glimmer of hope.

In an interview with PCGamer’s Tyler Wilde, Starcraft II production director Tim Morton hinted that he would, indeed, be interested in making a third Starcraft RTS title.

“The best way for us to figure out our future is to hear from players,” Morton told Wilde. “So, I think if there’s an interest in seeing more RTS games, sending that message to Blizzard would be a wonderful thing.”

When next asked if the Starcraft team was waiting for an appropriate time, Morton said: “”Ultimately, the team that works on StarCraft 2 is incredibly passionate about real-time strategy as a genre. I can certainly say it’s my favorite genre to play and so far, it’s been my favorite genre to work on.”

This wasn’t the first time during 2019’s BlizzCon that player feedback was mentioned as a means to push Blizzard in certain development directions. The Diablo IV team also stated that player feedback was of great value, as they haven’t finalized the last two classes that will appear in D4 and that they would like players to let Blizzard know what they want, so as to assist them in their decision making.

While by no means a concrete indication of anything regarding a future Starcraft title, Morton’s words seem to indicate that he would find such a project a welcome task. With so many big announcements this year at BlizzCon, however, it’s not too much of a surprise that another Starcraft sequel is not yet a priority for Blizzard.

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