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Sony building in UK
Sony building in UK

Sony’s European Teams Cut by Dozens of Employees Earlier This Week

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While the eighth generation of consoles is about to come to an end, it seems the next generation is going to begin with major changes in Sony’s management team, regarding the recent resigns and layoffs within the company. After Shawn Layden’s shocking departure from Sony last week, now a new report from VGC suggests a considerable layoff in the company’s London branch.

According to the source, the same day that Wired has shared a lot of new information on PlayStation 5 and its accessories, a group of Sony America directors have reached the company’s London branch to inform them of a big layoff in PR, Marketing and other sections. The cut has also affected the team behind creative services in United States.

For now, there’s not enough details on what’s going on in Sony and why the company is putting aside its key staff just before the start of next generation. It seems Sony has planned for a whole new direction with PlayStation 5, and it somehow put the company at risk to change its successful managers after having a great performance with its current-gen console during the last six years.

The only interesting point here is the undeniable influence of Sony’s America branch over the other divisions. With Layden leaving his role at Sony Interactive Entertainment, it seems his visions are also going to be replaced by new structures at the body of the company.

Aside from Sony, things aren’t much better either on its rival’s side. Yesterday, Xbox vice president Mike Ybarra announced that he has parted ways with Microsoft and is excited about his future job which will be revealed soon. He was working at Xbox for almost 20 years and it’s like a big mystery where he’s going to continue his career after that.

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Source: VG247

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