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Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Might Leave Production in China

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Politics is strong enough to affect everything in this world, especially financial matters. With the new import tariff getting closer to be submitted, many of the big companies that are producing their goods in China might leave the Asian country. In the video games industry, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are probably the biggest producers of gaming consoles in China, but they are about to move out if the rumored import tariff gets implied on soon.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, the three big names of gaming industry are planning to lower their production in China, due to the increasing costs of it. The decision had been previously made by companies like Asus, Dell and HP. While the next destination of the companies is yet to be known, it’s being said that Microsoft is considering Thailand and Indonesia, with Nintendo planning for a Vietnam move.

All in all, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are expected to move at least 30% of their production out of China in the near future and regarding the status of new import tariff.

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