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Bluepoint Games
Bluepoint Games

PS Japan Accidently Hints Purchase of Bluepoint Games

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The purchase of a studio of a long process. Earlier today we learned that Housemarque, developer of the PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal, was acquired by Sony. This purchase was probably in the works for quite some time. Another purchase we have been hearing whispers about happening is Bluepoint Games, developers of the Demon Souls and Shadow of The Colossus remakes.

The purchase of Bluepoint Games, similar to Housemarque, makes sense as the studio has had a long and profitable history with Sony in the past, first a studio for remasters before becoming a full remake powerhouse. While we assumed we would hear that Sony had outright purchased the studio at some point, we did not expect to learn it like this.

Today, PlayStation Japan took to Twitter to congratulate Housemarque for joining the Playstation family. While written mostly in hiragana and katakana, Housemarque is in quotes and English making it obvious to anybody they were the studio the tweet was about. However, the image accompanying the tweet was not, in fact, for Housemarque. Instead, the image had the logos for Playstation Studios and Bluepoint Games.

This was an obvious oversite of whoever actually posted the picture, but it pretty clearly illustrates what we can expect in the future. While Bluepoint has been a PlayStation studio for years now this fits in line with how Sony usually chooses to acquire developers.

In our Review for the Demon Souls Remake, Leonid Melikhov stated “Demon’s Souls is now officially the new standard when it comes to game remakes. If any developer or publisher is interested in recreating a magical experience on a new generation of hardware, whether it be on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, then they need to look no further than Demon’s Souls.” You can read our full review here.

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