Small Radios Big Televisions from Adult Swim Games Launches Nov. 8 for PS4 and PC

Small Radios Big Televisions from Adult Swim Games Launches Nov. 8 for PS4 and PC

Strewn across the floors of empty monoliths are lost data cassettes containing visions of a time long gone. But more than showing you, your mysterious tape deck instantly transports you to these boundless virtual worlds. In Small Radios Big Televisions, reality is just as interchangeable as the media we consume.
Solve mechanical puzzles to collect all the cassettes tapes and discover the secrets of the abandoned factories. Explore and manipulate the audio-visual data to reconstruct the past, discovering strikingly retrowave tunes along the way.

Check out the Trailer:

“In Small Radios Big Televisions you’ll explore once-inhabited structures in search of tapes to guide you along your journey. These aren’t just audio tapes though — they’ll transport you across time and space. As you discover more of these tapes, will you choose to push forward or surrender to the safety of your trusty TD-525 tape deck?

When I first started working on Small Radios Big Televisions two years ago I had no idea what it would grow to become. Like the cassette tapes themselves, the game has been constantly evolving, changing and growing into the finished product we have today. I wanted to create a place you could get lost in, a game that puts you at ease instead of on edge, and I think that’s something we’ve achieved.”

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