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Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves’ First Big Update Coming in May

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Sea of Thieves’ First Big Update Coming in May

Rare has issued a roadmap detailing its upcoming plans for Sea of Thieveson Xbox One and PC. The centerpiece of the plan includes big content updates through the rest of the year. Those big updates will be supplemented by regular weekly events with new goals and rewards. The weekly updates and regular content updates will be available for free.

Coming in early May, the first big content update, called The Hungering Deep, will add ‘a new AI threat’ to the world, as well as ‘a number of new mechanics’ and some unique rewards. The event sounds similar to the kraken, in that it can “bring crews together” and may require them to work together.

After that, Rare plans to release two more content updates this summer, and then three more before the end of the year. The first summer update is Cursed Sails, which will add a new ship type, and the second is Forsaken Shores, which will add a ‘perilous part of the world to explore.’ Both will also include new ‘mechanics,’ new events, and new rewards. All of these updates will be free.

Rare also says it’s planning to run weekly events, which will begin after The Hungering Deep releases. “Arguably there’s not enough reason to go out and explore,” says executive producer Joe Neate, which these events are meant to rectify by stashing more rewards throughout the world. He also hinted at “new mechanics” that could come in these updates, including “cursed cannonballs” and “skeleton thrones,” which are literal thrones that could appear in hard-to-reach places, waiting to be found through a spyglass.

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After The Hungering Deep, the studio said it’s planning two more content updates during the summer. Cursed Sails will add a new ship type to the game, while Forsaken Shores opens up a “perilous” new part of the world. Rare will release three additional updates later on sometime during the calendar year. Each update will be free for all “Sea of Thieves” players.

“We are hugely excited to be beginning this phase of ‘Sea of Thieves,’ and seeing where the adventure takes us,” said executive producer Joe Neate.

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