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Sea of Thieves pirates on the shore and ships in the background
Sea of Thieves pirates on the shore and ships in the background

Sea of Thieves Digital Copy Giveaway

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Sea of Thieves Digital Copy Giveaway

On March 20, Rare will be launching Sea of Thieves, its first game in over a decade. Sea of Thieves is an open-world pirate simulator that allows players to chart their own course with the goal of becoming a pirate legend.

In the open waters of Sea of Thieves, players can dig for lost treasure, hunt the skeletal remains of legendary pirates, Battle monstrous creatures, and build a reputation with the many trading companies to become legendary pirates and gain access to a slew of other activities.

Whether players choose to sail solo, with a full crew of four pirates, or somewhere in between, the gameplay of Sea of Thieves offers an expansive world to explore, with many opportunities for asymmetric Player versus Player action and adventure. Most of the time, players will be fighting with the hopes of stealing loot from one another’s ships. But occasionally, events will unfold that will require erstwhile enemies to work together.

To celebrate the return of Rare, a developer that is legendary in its own right, we will be giving away a copy of Sea of Thieves to one lucky pirate. You will find the details to enter the giveaway in the video below.

Sea of Thieves is an exclusive title for the Xbox One family and PC. It is also a Play Anywhere title, which means that this giveaway code will allow the lucky winner to play on both platforms. Rare has also stated in one of their “Inn Side Stories” videos that all progression between the two platforms will be saved to the same profile. So, either at home, the office, or anywhere you can play in between, you can be making progress toward becoming a legend.

We are also launching a dedicated page for everything Sea of Thieves. From guides to completing major events like taking down a Kraken, to the simpler prerequisites like efficient sailing, we will be offering complete coverage throughout the lifespan of the game.

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