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Scary Humans now available on STEAM

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Scary humans now available on STEAM

Scary Humans is a procedural survival game that will challenge your nerves and skills. Greenlit by the Steam community in less than a month. Prove yourself to be calm and help the little harmless alien escape from their captors. All this through a series of levels, which will get harder and harder as you level up.

Scary Humans throw ourselves back to the classic 80s games: crazy hard levels that will take you to where you started if you fail. Will you be able to accept the challenge of getting, not only through the first one but through all 6 different levels and make it to the end? The higher the level you are in, the harder it will get. We are not responsible for the tons of hours you will be spending on overcoming the game’s challenges!

Check out the Trailer:

“Meet Mrgrt, he is a tiny alien who comes from the Flrws planet. A planet where vocals don’t exist. On a normal routine mission with his crew members, he unfortunately gets kidnapped by humans! Luckily a virus hits the lab and Mrgrt’s only chance to escape is now.

In Scary Humans the player will control the main character through a labyrinth of rooms. Each time you progress it will get more difficult and more intense.”

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