Rumor: Rockstar Working on Red Dead Redemption 2 Single-Player DLC Featuring Aliens; RDR Remake in the Works

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A new rumor has surfaced which lays some bold claims for the acclaimed western action-adventure title from Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption 2. The rumor which comes from an anonymous Reddit user who claims to have a friend working as an environmental artist over at Rockstar.

They go on to explain that Rockstar is currently, and has been for awhile, working on a single-player DLC for the western title which will feature an alien invasion. While the sci-fi approach isn’t too far-fetched to believe considering the original Red Dead redemption featured a zombie DLC in The Undead Nightmare, the rumor goes on to claim that players will reprise the role of Arthur Morgan.

While the source to this rumor is completely unreliable, the numerous UFO Easter eggs within the base game for RDR 2 does help back this claim up. However, many fans have been worried Rockstar may be abandoning any future single-player focused DLC in favor of keeping as much new content flowing into the online portion of the game, Red Dead Online – much like they did with GTA V.

On another note, the presumed leak also claims that Rockstar is also working on a remake of the original Red Dead Redemption title. The “leak” states that the developers will be importing features from RDR 2 into the story and experience of RDR, as well as having voice actor Rob Wiethoff lay down new dialogue bits for the role of John Marston. The remake of Red Dead Redemption was said to initially be planned for the 10 year anniversary of the game, but has since been pushed back to presumably sometime in late 2020/early2021 for both current and next gen consoles, as well as potentially PC.

While this bit of “information” is certainly exciting if true, you should take this “leak” with a massive grain of salt. There’s nothing in the Reddit post to point towards any type of validity for the rumor so keep your expectations low until we hear further confirmation. If the rumor is true, we should hear more on the DLC soon as the “leaker” also stated that Rockstar is planning to release the DLC sometime in 2020.

Stay tuned.

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