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Rumor: Apparent Left 4 Dead 3 Screenshots Leaked

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It appears some sleuthing from the YouTube channel Valve News Network has uncovered what seems to be screenshots for the currently unannounced title Left 4 Dead 3. Players have been clamoring for a new title in the co-op zombie killing series from Valve, but per usual from the development company, have been left in the dark for entirely way to long.

Below you will find a slew of the revealing screenshots from what appears to be a new Left 4 Dead title, but were initially said to be Counter Strike Dust II maps. However, after some digging and data mining, there seem to be many implications that these are early models of the next Left 4 Dead release.

While this is still all speculation, it’s pretty intriguing to see these images pop up. A new Left 4 Dead title would surely sell millions, if done correctly, as it’s one of Valve’s most notable releases in their illustrious history.

You can check out the full video going through all of the finer details regarding the leak here, as well as the remaining screenshots of all 29 images right here.

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Source: Valve News Network

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