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resident evil village scarecrow
resident evil village scarecrow

Resident Evil Village Will Conclude RE7’s Story

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More details on Resident Evil Village was recently revealed in an interview with producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Pete Fabiano. This interview revealed that the new title will conclude Ethan’s story in Resident Evil 7, as well as other interesting details.

According to the interview, the development of Resident Evil Village is 60% complete and has been in development for about three and a half years. The game will serve as a conclusion to Ethan’s narrative started in Resident Evil 7, however the developers have not decided yet on which mid-game decision will be canon. In Resident Evil 7, the player is asked to choose between the protagonist’s wife and another character, which results in a major difference in how the game progresses and ends. They also said that the title emphasizes the village because it is “another protagonist” in the game.

Reports say that the title will also see the return of puzzles and inventory management, but no details on how those will be implemented have been revealed yet. Resident Evil 7 as well as Resident Evil 2 and 3: Remake saw similar puzzles and inventory management; RE Village should be no different.

RE Village will be a next-gen exclusive, which will allow developers to take advantage of much faster loading times. Producers stated that this will allow a much further sense of immersion, though they did not elaborate on how it will be implemented.

Capcom is also rumored to be working on a Resident Evil 4 remake, following the release of remakes for Resident Evil 2 and 3. All of the Resident Evil games released since RE 7 have been running on Capcom’s new RE Engine. Devil May Cry 5 also runs on this engine. Capcom is likely going to be updating the engine for next-gen use.

Source: GameSpot

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