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Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Revealed at Sony’s E3

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Resident Evil 7 Revealed at Sony’s E3

Today at the Sony E3 2016 Press Conference was revealed a gameplay demo of Resident Evil 7, featuring outstanding visuals, horrific scenes and a very high level of suspense. It was revealed by the end of the gameplay demo the release date of the game, beign by January 24th 2017.

Check out the gameplay demo of Resident Evil 7, showcasing and abandoned house and horrific visuals:

Also check out the trailer released for the game called TAPE-1 Desolation Trailer:

RESIDENT EVIL 7 is completely playable with PlayStation®VR! Experience all the horror of the full game in a 360-degree environment. Are you ready to face your fears?

“Thanks to the power of the all-new RE Engine, and a dramatic series shift to first-person perspective, you will experience horror like you’ve never seen before.”

“Courageous PS4 owners can get a taste of this exciting new chapter of the Resident Evil series by downloading the “Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour” demo. This free demo of Resident Evil 7 is available exclusively to all PlayStation Plus subscribers at this time, and offers a sense of the intense and terrifying experience awaiting you. We don’t want to spoil your time playing Beginning Hour by offering too many details, so start your download now and prepare to face your fears.”

“Resident Evil 7 is built on a new engine (the RE Engine), and will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.”

For more information on Resident Evil 7 visit its official website.

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