Redfall – 5 Details You Must Know

Redfall was delayed from 2022, but it started the Xbox and Bethesda Game Showcase with a bang, thanks to its many noteworthy features. We thought we would point out five things that caught our eye about this exciting vampire-slaying first-person shooter. Redfall is looking to be a promising new IP for the Xbox ecosystem, and we hope time will go fast so we can get our hands on it.

#5 – Art style

When the announcement trailer happened a year ago, we were sure Redfall was going for a cartoony look, but when you see the comparison between the gameplay reveal trailer, there’s a difference. Redfall doesn’t seem to be as cartoony, and it looks like it’s going for a more realistic approach. This game takes place in a vampiric apocalypse, so it’s nice to go for a less cartoony art style to increase the level of immersion.

#4 – Brutal Executions

We didn’t expect this game to have executions, and even though it showed little of them, they were satisfying to watch, especially when killing vampires. One execution consists of burning their corpses into ashes. We’re wondering how many we can do and if it can be tied to different weapons. Executions aren’t a brand new thing when it comes to video games, but it’s certainly something we wouldn’t mind having in an action-oriented first-person shooter.

#3 – Classes Mechanics


During the announcement trailer, we knew there will be classes in Redfall, but this gameplay trailer made us understand it more. There will be four different classes to choose from, and they all have their own personalities, but most importantly, they will play differently based on their abilities. Jacob Boyer, who was portrayed as the sniper in the video, seems to rely more on stealth, so it makes sense for Jacob to play the sniper role. You have Layla Ellison, who was the narrator for the most part, but she seems to be the jack of all trades due to her ability to create cover with her umbrella or help teammates reach higher angles with her popcorn machine ability. There’s some interesting design going on for these classes, and we think it’s going to be one of the fun things to do and learn as you dive into Redfall.

#2 – RPG Mechanics 

By the near end of the gameplay reveal video, there was a small portion of RPG mechanics shown like a skill tree and different weapon variants. Due to these mechanics, Redfall should have exploration and loot hunting on top of being an action-oriented first-person shooter. We’re hoping for some powerful or rare weapons that we can acquire to make the loot hunting exciting and, of course, give us a massive power spike for the late game stage. Also, the game seems to have both main and optional missions, and it was shown in conjunction with the skill tree and different weapon variants. There might be more than just shooting vampires when it comes to Redfall’s gameplay loop, and we are all for it.

#1 – More Than a Left 4 Dead Clone


Redfall certainly gave off a Left 4 Dead type of vibe when the announcement trailer hit, but it seems like it’s not quite the Left 4 Dead clone we initially thought. The gameplay reveal did not include hordes of enemies, nor were there any special vampires that would force your teammates to help you if you were attacked. Additionally, Redfall has some heavy RPG elements. We think it’s trying to spice up the co-op shooter formula from titles like Left 4 Dead. The combat loop, the use of unique abilities, and its tasteful RPG mechanics will make Redfall have an audience in a competitive market. The story can be potentially interesting even if it is not the main reason to play, but we’ll find out down the line. This gameplay reveal was certainly needed after its delayed launch date, and we hope more of the game’s features will be shown soon.

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