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Two bounty hunters in front of burning building.
Two bounty hunters in front of burning building.

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties Trailer Reveal

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Red Dead Online has finally released a trailer for their new Legendary Bounties. Check this out.

Rockstar Games also have this to say about these new bounties:

Every bounty has a story, and it rarely ends well.

Starting today, we will introduce the first of 10 new Legendary Bounties, the most dangerous bounty targets from across the five states — a collection of the worst fraudsters, thieves and killers running loose and ready for you to track down.

Law keepers across The West have put out the call: La Reina de los Banditos, Barbarella Alcazar must be brought to justice. 

Alcazar is the de facto leader of the bloodthirsty Del Lobos gang, rumored to be hiding out somewhere in New Austin. The dangerous widow of infamous killer Ricardo Alcazar is wanted for thievery, extortion and murder. Bring Alcazar in by September 23rd – deliver her alive to command a handsome sum or receive a slightly reduced return if she meets an untimely demise during the pursuit.

A new Legendary Bounty will come to light each week. Visit a nearby Bounty Board to see the new Legendary Bounty wanted poster and take them on solo or with up to three of your most trusted Posse members.

Sounds pretty exciting. This is exactly the kind of thing that Red Dead Online was needing. New special timed events to keep everything fresh. Along with these new bounties, Rockstar also mentioned some other new modes they would be releasing as well.

What they call their Shootout Series is launching a Free Aim Event, which will feature several of their game modes sporting no lock on targeting. This will be excellent for those that want to really test their gun slinging skills.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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Source: IGN

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