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Razer Releases Ultra-Light Console Headset

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Razer released the Tetra today, an ultra-lightweight chat headset with pro-grade microphone that promises crystal-clear team communication on all platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

Almost every gamer recognizes the Razer logo, as the company has become synonymous with high-end gaming peripherals. The Razer Tetra is a single-ear console chat headset, designed for players wishing to enjoy their home audio setup, but still communicate with their teammates. Many gamers have extensive surround sound speaker systems for immersive television and gameplay experiences, and this inspired the Tetra’s design. Now players may use a headset for communication while still basking in the big sound from their media systems. The Tetra’s in-line volume control gives users full access to all important settings at the touch of a finger, including a volume slider and mic-mute function.

“With today’s multiplayer games, communication with team mates is key.” The Razer team stated in a press release. “The Razer Tetra delivers crystal-clear communications even in the loudest of audio set-ups. The cardioid microphone is tuned for a focused voice-pickup range, reducing ambient noises from the sides and back, giving superior voice clarity over traditional chat headsets.”

“Lots of gamers have invested in a surround sound speaker system as part of their home entertainment set-up,” says Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s peripherals business unit. “With the Razer Tetra, players can enjoy their home cinema speaker set-up with the boom of explosions in battle or the rumble of the road in a race, but still keep in touch with their teammates to win the game.”

Created for long play sessions, the Razer Tetra weighs in at a mere 70g, or 0.15 lbs, promising hours of comfortable gameplay. The design is reversible, so gamers can wear the microphone and ear-piece on either side of the head as fits their own personal preference. An adjustable headband slider completes the comfort design, avoiding the feeling of a vise on one’s head or annoying pressure in the ears, backed up by plush leatherette cushions.

All in all, the Razer Tetra looks like a great headset for those looking to play games and communicate with their teams while also enjoying their home stereo systems to the fullest.

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