female lombax from ratchet and clank rift apart

Ratchet and Clank : New Female Lombax Is Playable

Ratchet and Clank ‘s developer Insomniac Games announced today on Twitter that the female Lombax introduced in the Rift Apart trailer will be playable. There are very little to no details regarding the origin and purpose of the female Lombax as of yet. Fans have assumed that she is an alternate version of Ratchet from another dimension.

The game was revealed at PlayStation 5’s Future of Gaming event last week, along with other announcements like Hitman 3 and Project Athia. The new title will feature Ratchet and Clank once again, this time they will be moving between different rifts into alternate dimensions.

However, unlike Ratchet, the female Lombax is grey-blue, and has a mechanical arm along with piercings on her ears. Moreover, she does not recognise Clank, which suggests that she is not an alternate version of Ratchet, or Clank does not exist in her dimension. It is important to note that there are only two similarities between her and Ratchet which is that they wield a large hammer and that they are both Lombax.

Other theories assume that she is a relative of Ratchet instead of another version, which can explain why she does not recognise Clank. Fans have given her the name “Ratchette”.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart has yet to be given a release date, but has been confirmed to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Insomniac Games is also working on Spiderman: Miles Morales a standalone sequel to Spiderman. 

The new Ratchet and Clank game will be the first title in the franchise since 2017, and will include new features like ray-tracing and increased loading times. This can be attributed to the PlayStation 5’s upgraded SSD. Fans can also expect the game to implement PlayStation 5’s new 3D audio and updated DualSense controller.

More exciting facts about the new Ratchet and Clank game can be found here.

Source: VG247

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