Lion and Finka From Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege Year 3 Operator Review

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Year 3 Operator Review


When I picked up Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege’s new operators with the Year Three Season Pass, I made some very quick assumptions about the usefulness of each new operator. After spending a decent amount of time with each one while playing the new season, I’ve come to the decision that while some of my initial assumptions were right, some were completely wrong. The Year Three Season has added four new operators so far, consisting of two attackers, and two defenders. If you ask me what my overall impression is, I’d have to say that the defenders have gotten the shorter end of the stick. On the other hand, for casual players like me, it’s relatively unnoticeable. So without further ado, here is a breakdown of the four newest operators in Rainbow Six: Siege.



Pros: Durable, strong anchor capabilities, fun weapons, great at intel gathering.

Cons: Not a solo anchor, cameras have multiple counters, requires coordination to benefit from the intel provided from cameras.


Maestro is a fun character, to say the least. His shotgun is absolutely amazing on bomb maps, where he can completely erase the wall between objectives. He’s a three armor operator, which makes him incredibly durable, and his gadget allows loads of intel gathering. Provided all the entry points to the objective room are secure, Maestro dedicates a player to scanning enemies, and calling out locations for easy picks. I would recommend that you consider Maestro a secondary anchor to operators like Doc or Rook, although if someone is already covering that role, go ahead and take the new camera king of Rainbow Six: Siege.

Maestro’s gadget is the “Evil Eye” bulletproof camera, which he has two of. These babies may just seem like upgraded Valkyrie cams, but the lasers built into the camera allows Maestro to control multiple choke points solo, without ever exposing himself to enemy fire. However, unlike Doc or Rook, Maestro is unable to provide team defense in the same way solo anchors can, so I don’t recommend taking him into a match if you’re missing a proper anchor.  Maestro’s turrets are also fairly easily countered, as they can be destroyed by breaking the walls they’re attached to. So, a Thermite, Hibana, a shotgun, or a good breaching charge can easily take care of them. Ash players can also use her specialized breach grenade to destroy Maestro’s cameras, provided they land a direct hit, or land close enough to catch the camera in their radius. Fuze’s cluster grenades can also destroy a Maestro camera, but since you shouldn’t be placing your cameras in the objective room, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

One of the unexpected strengths of Maestro’s Evil Eyes, is that they can survive Thatcher’s EMP grenades and Twitch’s drone zaps. However, both of the aforementioned abilities will disable the camera for ten seconds. If the enemy isn’t able to push past your camera’s position due to your teammates, or your own defense, they’ll have wasted precious skill resources on temporarily blinding you. Finally, the last couple of tips I could give you about the Evil Eyes has to do with positioning. Firstly, put them on indestructible level surfaces, if possible. This enables your camera to have 360-degree tracking and give you a huge edge of targeting enemies within a choke point. Secondly, know when, and when not to rip out a wall and slap a camera outside. On most maps, it’s not a good idea, as the laser is slow to fire and a smart team will have someone sitting back waiting for that Eye to open. On maps with objectives in cramped spaces, it could work in your favor, as it denies the enemy an easy exterior breach near the objective.



Pros: Ability is strong for spawn peeking, effective roamer, allies benefit from being unidentifiable.

Cons: Bad weapons for spawn peeking, the ability is very situational, and easily countered by attentive play.


I don’t know what else to tell you about Alibi. Her weapons are decent for close quarters combat, but since she’s more of a roamer, that seems self-defeating. I’ll say that the most satisfying thing about her kit is her ability to punish attackers for aggressive counter-peeks. If an enemy accidentally tags one of her decoys, it’s fairly easy for a defender to quickly pick them off from another window.  The most important thing about her decoys is to set them up in places where enemies will not immediately recognize them for what they are, hopefully prompting them to shoot, and reveal their position. For players on attack looking to counteract an Alibi, Thatcher’s grenades will disable them for a period of time, and traditional explosives and Twitch drone shocks (targeted at the base of the device) will destroy them. Just make sure to avoid accidentally hitting the hologram while targeting the base of the device, or you’ll wind up marked and possibly hunted down by a very angry Italian operator.

Lion and Finka From Rainbow Six: Siege

Lion and Finka represent the GIGN and Spetsnaz as members of Team Rainbow’s CBRN unit.


Pros: Excellent weapons, outright overpowered ability, can revive allies in Down But Not Out state.

Cons: Allies mostly die outright instead of going DBNO.


I’ll be honest, the only reason I listed the con above was to keep the format of this post uniform. Finka is frankly very overpowered in comparison to all of the other operators (at the writing of this post she had the outright highest win-delta of all the operators in the game at the Platinum+ level).  While she did receive a hefty nerf (the duration of her ability was halved from 20 to 10 seconds and halved the ADS buff), she is still a very strong operator if you are looking for a versatile attacker, with an ability that benefits the entire team. The ability gives out more buffs than you can shake a stick at, including temporary health, significantly reduced recoil, and massively reduced Aim Down Sights time.  Remember that this buff affects the entire attacking team, and when paired with operators that struggle with recoil on their big booming ARs and LMGs, this is an absolutely lethal combo, powerful in both casual and high-tier play. If you are looking for weapon suggestions, I’m a big fan of her assault rifle. I enjoy its punch, and it’s handling isn’t too shabby either. I definitely think that even after her nerfs, she’s going to remain as one of Rainbow Six: Siege’s strongest operators.



Pros: Very powerful ability, decent weapons, very strong in a coordinated team.

Cons: Very weak in an uncoordinated squad.


Lion’s ability is, in my opinion, one of the best in the game.  If you haven’t encountered a Lion yet, his ability sends out a global warning to all players, where at the end of the warning period, all moving defenders are revealed by a red outline, effectively giving you an in-game wall-hack. While this may seem easily countered by standing still, this ability has massive potential.  Before breaching an objective area, it can be paired with Fuze, or someone similar to confront enemies with a very difficult choice; do they run to escape the incoming grenades and risk being shot while revealed by Lion, or do they ride it out and pray that they get lucky? Once you’ve breached the objective area and are planting the defuser, securing the area, or rescuing the hostage, this ability can be used to prevent defenders from moving to contest the attackers.  If they need to enter the room to contest a biohazard container, but are revealed by Lion, it’s a lot easier to dispatch them quickly and secure a win. As I said before, Lion’s ability is very useful, but only if you have the coordination to benefit from it. If you can’t coordinate with operators like Fuze, Thermite, Hibana, or Ash, then the ability is easily wasted. My personal opinion on Lion is that he will be a strong operator at Rainbow Six: Siege’s professional level, and will receive very little attention in casual tiers.


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