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PUBG Mobile is Infested with Bots

PUBG Mobile is Infested with Bots

Just last week, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds had moved into the mobile scene. The game runs well on most devices and the gameplay is very similar to its PC counterpart. I remember my roommate telling me about his experience and how he managed to win a Chicken Dinner on his first round. This is what peaked my interest. I decided to download the game myself and low and behold my first round was great. I didn’t win, but for my first time playing a game as complicated as PUBG on my mobile device, I still managed to make it to third place. I had found a lot of good loot and made some nice kills. I’ve played the original PUBG before and it is not nearly as easy as this: something was fishy.

First, the loot

I noticed that the mobile game spawns much more loot than on PC/Xbox One. Here’s a pro tip if you wanna be set for the game: Go to the Shelter. You don’t even need to drop there. Every game I went there halfway through the match and there was at least 5 rifles, high-level armor and tons of ammo. This was the first sign of noticing the game was just…off. PUBG doesn’t throw you any bones when it comes to weapons. You either have to get lucky or no one is picking up any of the good loot. If there are bots in the game, (specifically ones that are designed to make the game easier for real players) then it might make sense as to why the best loot is still lying on the floor in the last 10 minutes of the round.

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Then came the fun part: the firefights

In my first game, I had fought and killed about 6 players. Part of my success came from the loot and another part came from “skill”. I say “skill” because even though I was faster to shoot than the other players, their reaction time was suspiciously slow. That’s not all, but I also noticed that some players did not respond or react to any external stimuli. This could include anything from footsteps to gunshots, grenades etc. The game is designed to warn you about these threats but if the player was just an AI with simple commands, slow processing speed, and little intelligence, then it all starts to make sense.

The bots

The icing on this cake, however, is that most players experience the same phenomenon as soon as they start winning. They start to do worse. Let me explain. If a player wins a chicken dinner their first time, their rank in the game increases exponentially, usually going from level 1- level 5. Once a player has a few good rounds and eventually starts to get into the double-digits of a rank, they all start to slowly do worse. What seems to be happening here is that the bots in PUBG mobile, slowly diminish over a players promotion in rank. This may be a way of training the players for a game that either has tougher bots or real players who will be smarter.

Now, all of this is speculation. Neither PUBG Corp. nor Tencent Games have made any confirmation as to if the game is really holding bots, or if half of the players just need to “get gud.” I won’t lie, while PUBG on iOS runs pretty smooth, it has numerous buttons controls and mechanics that can take some time to get used to. Pair that with the fact that the screen could be as small as 5 inches and it just seems like a recipe for disaster. Whether you like Like it or hate it, it’s clear that PUBG mobile is clearly not the game you see on Xbox One and PC. While it may be fun to see yourself get a “chicken dinner” with little to no effort, most players may soon realize that the game is just a shell of an already dead battle royale game



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