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PUBG battle royale mobile
PUBG battle royale mobile

PUBG Mobile Gets New Exclusive Map

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Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG) has launched the first mobile exclusive map in the most recent update. The new Battle Royale arena is called Livik, and is designed for close-combat and fast encounters. Livik will be arriving as part of the 0.19.0 patch, which will introduce a new battlepass and new elements to the title.

The update is available now, and will take up about 1.84 GB on Android and 2.13 GB on iOS, thus will be a relatively large update. The update, detailed on Reddit, introduces many changes and additions, but the map is the highlight.

Livik measures just 2km by 2km. 52 players can dive in, and matches are guaranteed to end within 15 minutes, so fans can expect early close-encounters and lots of action. The map is still considered to be in its beta stage, but is playable now on PUBG on iOS and Android devices.

The map will come with two map-exclusive weapons, the SMG: P90 and MK 12 marksman rifle. Additionally exclusive Monster Truck. Experimental Trial Weapon Crates will be added to the map soon. The crates will contain regular weapons with better specs.

The update will also include a new mode in the Erangel and Miramar maps. Spark the Flame is a mode where objectives like camps have been added to the maps, and completing objectives around the map will drop supplies and event items.

Spark the Flame is also the name of PUBG’s Royale Pass Season 14, which will be available on July 14. Here’s what the pass will introduce:

  • To celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Royale Pass, the Roaring Dragon and Dragon Hunter-themed rewards from Season 5 will return.
  • A RP Prime subscription collaboration with Google is available. Includes both Prime and Prime Plus, which can be subscribed to simultaneously. Supports monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription. Collect 300 or 900 RP Vouchers every month, along with redemption discounts and Airplane Ranking display perks (only available for Google at this time; available soon for other players).
  • Consolidated page for RP perks. Instantly view consecutive purchase perks and preview other exclusive RP perks.
  • Added an RP Crate Luck Event with amazing rewards.
  • There is a chance to display an RP-related message when returning to the lobby after a match.
  • Improved display of Airplane Ranking and other content in-battle.

Source: GameSpot

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