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PSVR Spotlight Announcing 6 New Games

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Sony announced today the return of “PSVR Spotlight” a marketing campaign to announce six new VR games to be released later this year. Announced on a blog post, the company will reveal a new PSVR game every 30 minutes starting with the VR version of a cult classic game from Bethesda.

Doom 3 VR Edition

“Feel even closer to the terror with all-new VR enhancements that allow you to peer around corners, angling your shots with flashlight-mounted weapons using motion controls, 180-degree quick-turn functionality to catch demons sneaking up from behind, and an immersive wrist-mounted display to track your health, armor, and ammo,” reads the official description on a blog post.

Song In The Smoke

Song in the Smoke’s is a survival game that gives the player a range of options to keep themselves alive for another day. Players will have to hunt for food to stave off hunger, and it means choosing safe campsite locations to sleep at to avoid exhaustion. It also means concocting antidotes and healing tonics for poison and injuries, as well as staying warm, crafting clothes, and building fires as I move from forests, through plateaus, to frozen peaks.


Fracked seamlessly combines fast-paced, 1:1 run and cover gunplay with exhilarating free-running, skiing, and climbing. The game takes players inside a mountain fracking facility, the region has been taken over by an army of gun-wielding, interdimensional madmen. As the last hope for humanity, the player must take them down before they accomplish their goal.

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The Liar

“We are thrilled to be coming back to PlayStation VR with the sequel,” Project Director Charlie Amis says. “It was really a no-brainer. Our PS VR Agents are an integral part of our community, and we can’t wait for players – both new and returning – to experience the new twists, turns, perils, and puzzles IEYTD2 has to offer.”


An expansive JRPG-inspired MMO is coming to PSVR later this year. Zenith is a VR MMO that matches a colorful open-world with action-adventure gameplay.

Our game has beautiful, hand-crafted environments that you’ll spend hours getting lost in. From lush canopies in the Amarite Forest, to turquoise blue waters at the Radiant Coast, to the hyper futuristic city of Zenith itself, we’ve built a stylized fantasy world dripping with detail. Of course beautiful scenery is only one part of making Zenith feel like a living world, we’ve also invested lots of time on lore, infusing the setting with intricate details that bring it to life.

After the Fall

From the creators of Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall features fast-paced co-op action with full cross-platform support.

After the Fall will make you feel like your favorite, slightly overpowered 1980s action hero as you engage in the game’s high-paced combat with real-life movements. Aside from the more conventional weapon types, you’ll be able to gear up with weaponry and tools that are heavily inspired and rooted in 1980s culture. Unlocked that iconic cassette player-turned-missile launcher to keep the hordes at bay? Don’t rest on your laurels just yet, because no mission will play the same twice. We’ll keep you on your toes whether it’s your first playthrough or 50th.

PlayStation recently announced their next-gen PSVR, future announcements and big surprises are teased for the upcoming months, Stay tuned at Gaming Instincts via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for more PSVR news.

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