PS5 and Series X’s Won’t Have Much Impact Says Developer

According to industry veteran Typhoon Studios co-creator Alex Hutchinson, the PS5 and the Xbox Series X’s hardware won’t have as much of an impact on game design as fans might expect.

In an interview with GamingBolt, Hutchinson reveals what might have been Sony and Microsoft’s plans for next-gen systems. Both devices will be boasting SSDs and each will boast a custom variant of AMD’s Zen 2 processor, GDDR6 will be present at Microsoft’s hardware.

Hutchison thinks that SSDs will bring “almost nothing” and Xbox Series X’s GDDR6 memory won’t have an impact “from a design perspective”according to Hutchinson.

While this specifications will represent an improvement on loading times and rendering speed, the real potential lies in cloud computing, and Hutchinson suggest that is Sony and Microsoft’s real goal for the next generation of consoles.

When asked about the Zen 2 architecture and how will help game development, Hutchinson points at the potential of the PS5 and Xbox Series X for cloud based technologies.

“It’s more power, but I think the cloud and being able to have large scale simulations and persistence will be the big new things this generation, so not so much the boxes themselves but what they connect to when you’re not looking!”

Cloud gaming technologies is a hot topic this week, recently Google announced a free tier for Google Stadia that will arrive in the “next few months”. NVIDIA’s GeForce Now has also gone live with a free subscription that will allow players an hour session. Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer has also talked about the cloud recently, he stated that Nintendo and Sony don’t represent a bigger threat to Microsoft’s gaming division than Google and Amazon.

The gaming industry is evolving towards cloud based technologies, and the ones who invest more in their cloud gaming service will lead the gaming industry, Sony has already fallen behind, making a partnership with Microsoft in order to use their Azure technology.

Another interesting topic, is the statement of Alex Hutchinson to GamingBolt when says the big news in the next-generation is to “what they connect to when you’re not looking!”

Do you think next-gen system might be disappointing? Can the PS5 and Xbox Series X keep up with the latest tech from NVIDIA? Let me know in the comment section below.

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