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pokemon unite gameplay
pokemon unite gameplay

Pokemon Unite Announced For Switch And Mobile

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Today during Pokemon Presents, Nintendo announced a new title called Pokemon Unite. It is a real-time team based battle game Pokemon Unite, and it will be free for Switch and Mobile.

Much like other team based battle games such as League of Legends and Smiteeach team will have five unique Pokemon. There are five scoring areas on each side of the map which players will aim to capture. Each team will start on opposite sides of the map, left and right.

As the game progresses, Pokemon will be able to level up and improve their abilities, health, etc. Confirmed Pokemon for the game include Charmander, Pikachu, Snorlax, Lucario, and many others.

There will also be wild Pokemon spread throughout the map that players can defeat to level up and evolve. Players will have the power to decide which moves they want to unlock and when they want to unlock them.

Different moves will enable players to fight according to their own play style. There will be moves that are more effective at different ranges, and there will likely be Pokemon that excel at ranged and melee combat respectively.

It is likely that Pokemon Unite is taking notes from MOBA titans like League of Legends and implement specializations for each Pokemon. For example, a Pokemon like Snorlax would specialize as a “tank” and absorb damage.

The game is being published by Tencent, who is also working on System Shock 3. There is yet to be an official release date for Pokemon Unite, but rest assured the game is in development.

Fans of the Pokemon franchise can enjoy the Sword and Shield expansion, ‘Isle of Armor’, as well as Pokemon Cafe while they wait for the release of Pokemon Unite.

Source: VG247

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