Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon Teases – The Secret of Necrozma

The Pokemon Company has released new details, video of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon teasing “The Secret of Necrozma.”

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, the Legendary Pokemon Necrozma takes on the overwhelmingly powerful form of Dusk Mane Necrozma or of Dawn Wings Necrozma by capturing the Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo or Lunala. More of the mysterious Pokemon Necrozma will soon be uncovered, as a new image of Necrozma enveloped in bright light has been revealed. What kind of secret does Necrozma hold? All will become clear throughout players’ adventures across Alola!

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, players will be able to teach their Pokemon moves in exchange for Battle Points (BP)—moves that they would not be able to learn by leveling up or through any Technical Machine (TM). Players can earn BP by winning battles in the Alola region’s battle facilities, such as the Battle Royal Dome and the Battle Tree, or by using Mantine Surf from various beaches. Players can teach moves to the Pokemon that travel with them on their journey or even to the Legendary Pokemon that they catch passing through the Ultra Wormhole.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon will launch worldwide for 3DS on November 17.

Check out the Trailer:

Nintendo opened eShop pre-orders for Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon today, and said all pre-orders will receive a bonus Rockruff who evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc and can perform moves it couldn’t normally learn. The special Rockruff will be holding a Focus Band and will know the move Happy Hour. This allows the player to receive twice as much prize money after battle.

An exclusive Z-Move for Lycanroc, Splintered Stormshards, was also revealed. This new Rock-type Z-Move can remove various effects from a terrain, and can be used by having a Lycanroc learn the move Stone Edge and then having it hold the special Z-Crystal Lycanium Z.

All three Lycanroc, Midday Form, Midnight Form and Dusk Form, can use Splintered Stormshards.

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