Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Revealed at Nintendo E3

Pokemon Sun and Moon Gameplay Revealed at Nintendo E3

Today at the Nintendo Treehouse E3 live event Game Freak revealed a gameplay demonstration of the first few minutes of the Pokemon Sun and Moon game coming to 3DS on November 18th 2016 part of their celebration of the Pokemon 20th Anniversary. The Sun and Moon names were chosen by Game Freak because the Sun is the source of all life and the Moon also affects life in a way, so they revealed that the theme of the game will be heavily focused on the term “Life”. Solgaleo and Lunala were described as the emissaries of the Sun and the Moon in the Pokemon World Lore. They also talked about the two new forms of Zygarde being the 10% and complete forms appearing in sun and moon in a special way.

In the gameplay demonstration (still in development and may change in teh future) we can see the room of the main character. Shortly after that the first encounter begins with Ledyba, a pokemon that appeared back in Pokemon Gold and Silver. In this fight we can see the new user interface for the moves that our Pokemon knows with a new feature that lets us see the description of the moves we can use if we forget their effects, also we can see a new tab to see in detail which stats our Pokemon currently have in the fight and tells us which are lowered by an opponent move and how much of the stat has been lowered.

Check out the complete Pokemon Sun and Moon Walkthrough seen at E3 2016:

Now in Pokemon fights our trainer and all rival trainers can be seen behind their respective Pokemon to give a more immersive sensation to the game coupled by the more realistic character models. The camera in battle is a bit more dynamic than the previous games and when you capture a new Pokemon you can see how it is registered in the pokedex next to the next pokemon on the list to invite players to explore and find any missing Pokemon data on their Pokedex.

In the second encounter, a new Pokemon is revealed being Yungoos, apparently a normal type Pokemon. It was also revealed a new Bird Pokemon called Pikipek, the one hat was featured in the first trailer of Pokemon Sun and Moon as we saw the 3D model being made.

Check out the new Pokemons Revealed at the Nintendo E3 and the new Battle Royal mode:

The game presents full analog movement and an indicator when a trainer is about to battle with you so, you know when you are going engage in battle. Also when you fight a new Pokemon, the next time you encounter it again, the super effective move will be displayed with an indicator so you know which moves were best to use against that particular Pokemon.

The trainers you battle in the game have different animations responding to the events that occur in the battle. It was also introduced a new multiplayer mode called Pokemon Battle Royal, where 4 players can fight with three Pokemons each and at the first Pokemon fainted it will end the battle and declare a winner.

For more information on Pokemon Sun and Moon, visit its official website.

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