The Primal Podcast #2

PS5 Devkits & Specs, Xbox Lack of Exclusives & More

In this episode we will be discussing the PS5 Devkit Spec Leaks, possible games we will see at launch, what Microsoft has to do next-gen to either win or get even with Sony, great remasters such as Spyro and quick cash grabs, the drama at Bioware and troubled development of Anthem and Bethesda’s 2 new unannounced titles.

The Primal Podcast #1

SoT, Xbox Worries, Ubisoft Turn Around & More

In this episode we will be discussing Microsoft’s latest new game from Rare Studios Sea of Thieves and its negative reception, what is a $60 value game in today’s day, PUBG/Fortnite, Ubisoft Turnaround, Xbox Cancelled Games and a little bit about God of War and The Last of Us Part II.