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PlayStation Network artwork
PlayStation Network artwork

PlayStation Network Has Broken 100 Million Users

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Sony has recently announced that as of the end of December 2019, PlayStation Network has reached 103 million monthly active users. Comparing this to their competitors shows how impressive this number is. Xbox Live averages around 60 million users, and Nintendo’s online service is around 10 million. That puts PSN at more monthly users than the other two services combined.

Another stat that makes this number even more impressive is the fact that Sony also announced that they have sold about 106 million consoles, so only around 3 million people who own the console aren’t actively using PSN.

While 3 million is still a lot of people, in terms of the ratio of PSN users to non-PSN users, the gap is pretty small. Granted, there are most likely more than 3 million people who don’t actively use their PS4 or don’t have a PSN account, but there are gamers out there who have multiple accounts or share their consoles with other PSN users that even that number out a bit.

President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, had a lot to say about this accomplishment and what it means for him and his company:

“I am very pleased to see that so many PlayStation fans value the unparalleled entertainment experience on PS4. This has been made possible by the support we have from our partners and fans since launching PlayStation in 1994, and I would like to truly thank everyone. We’ve consistently delivered innovative products like PlayStation VR, which has reached its 5 million unit sales milestone. There is much more entertainment experience to look forward to that the PlayStation ecosystem will provide that we can’t wait to share with our fans.”

Things are looking good for Sony right now and the PlayStation Network in general. If sales and consumer loyalty continue in this way through 2020, the launch of the PS5 at the end of the year will be very successful for the company.

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